Dental & Oral Checkup

In  the first consultation of Oral Checkup, the teeth & gums are examined.
             It gives a fair picture of the conditions present in the oral cavity. It may further involve taking other diagnostic records to diagnose the conditions.
            Based on the examination & investigation, if any the treatments goes are identified. The conditions are explain to the client & suitable treatment plan is formatted.

Endodontic & Conservative
Gum disease is the inflammation or infection that attacks the gums and bone that hold your teeth in place.

Gum disease can be treated in ways ranging from cleaning to surgery but it can be prevented altogether by regular brushing, flossing and professional cleaning.

Various periodontal treatments include Scaling, Deep Cleaning, Root Planing, Flap surgery, Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting (Regeneration).

Lasers are frequently used in treating gum diseases.
Pediatric Dentistry

Baby teeth set the foundation for healthy permanent teeth. It is important to keep the teeth clean and teach children to brush and floss.

Dental visits have to be early and frequent to monitor the development of the teeth. The baby teeth serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth. Sealants are a thin coating placed on the biting surfaces of the back teeth to prevent cavities.

Routine professional cleaning and fluoride treatment are essential to ensure a life time of healthy teeth.


Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics refers to the use of wires to align crooked or crowded teeth and to close gaps between teeth. Though Orthodontics can be started at any age, it is strongly advised to bring your child for a checkup anytime after 6 years of age, since many adult dental problems can be avoided by early orthodontics. Adults can also have their teeth straightened as orthodontics is not limited to children.

          This treatment allows the correction of dental and jaw malpositions occuring with  CLEFT PALATE. Newer types of braces allow the placement of wires behind the teeth called LINGUAL ORTHODONTICS, as well as TOOTH COLORED BRACES.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When there are several problems in a single case, a team of specialists work together to restore the function and appearance of the teeth. This full mouth rehabilitation is highly successful with our careful planning and treatment sequencing. The cosmetic dentist works along with the periodontists, orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeon to provide a stunning SMILE MAKEOVER.

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns are used to cover teeth that are weakened by decay, severely damaged, chipped or discolored. They are also usually required after Root Canal Therapy. The tooth is shaped to support the crown. The crowns can be metal containing or metal-free. Zirconia crowns, popularly known as All Ceramic or Metal-free crowns are sued with Computer Aided Technology for the highest level of precision and accuracy.


Dentures are sets of artificial teeth set into plastic frameworks that rest directly on the gums. Partial dentures are used for people with several teeth missing, while complete dentures are used when people have lost all their upper or lower teeth. 3-5 visits are required and several visits to make adjustments may be necessary, the comfort of dentures can be greatly improved by integrating them with implants.

Oral Surgery
Dental Implants

Titanium implants serve as the artificial root in the jaw to support crowns and dentures. When teeth are missing in the jaw, fixed artificial teeth can be provided by inserting titanium implants which serve as the tooth or foundation for the teeth. These implants provide a very stable support to help restore function and appearance. The implants are placed in the clinic under local anaesthetic and after a period of healing the artificial teeth are fabricated. Implants are used in combinations with bridges, dentures or crowns to replace any number of missing teeth.

Tooth Whitening
Other Dental Treatments